what is education

what is education

education is knowing goods and bad. education finds difference b/w right and wrong

People don’t know what is the meaning of education.
people think education is only institutional knowledge.

This is not completely true. School & college knowledge is a part of education. Primary education is the core education of life.

value education

what we learn initially does matter. Our family environment, social environment play a big role.

importance of family in our life

our family is our first school of learning. A kid learns almost everything from family. What a kid see, that he learn.
We work on a simple concept – seeing and hearing.

we do what we see and hear. Our thoughts are our actions. A good family builds great people. here, good family means is having good thinking towards society. Preparing children’s good character is the responsibility of our family.

we should explain to our children about right and wrong, goods and bad. we must explain the consequences of their actions.
Giving logical education to the kids is necessary for every parent. They should learn kids to follow the path of truth.
In a one-line education is – to understand what is true or false?
the main purpose of education is to increase the thought process. To increase the intellectual level. To increase understanding.

So, parents should give their children a true education from childhood. They should explain the mental, physical education to their kids. must tell them about how to behave with younger & elders. Must tell them about society and culture.
parents should spend enough time with their kids. There should be no communication gap among family members.

role of teacher in students life

role of teachers

A good teacher builds a good society. yes, it is true. Our school teacher, college teacher are our character builder. we learn a lot from them.

when we go to school or college. we meet different kinds of persons. everybody has a unique behavior. A teacher guides a lot of students every day. The teacher shows us the right path.

role of teacher in education

The teacher explains the importance of education. A teacher explains our problems and doubts. When we take admission in school. The first time we learn how to live in a group. In a school there a lot of students. A school is like a group of the same type of things and actions.

Our teacher motivates us about finding our talent. They tell us about our negatives and positives.
They inspire us when we feel demoted.

Teachers motivate us to take participate in social and cultural activities.
Schooling and college life takes a long time to build our character. It teaches us how to live, how to react, how to speak, how to act toward society.

generally, after 20 – 25 we become graduates. After becoming graduate we start to think about our career. We find opportunities for our occupation. At this time our parents, teacher guides us.

role of teacher in our life

Teachers help us to find a good career option for us. They know us or our personality, hence they tell us the best options & possibilities.
Our teacher helps us for a lifetime. they play a big role in our life.
Every teacher wants to see his students succeed. hence, they always support us in good actions. They don’t support wrong actions or things.
we do not feel hesitation with our teachers. we should ask the solution to our problems.

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