what is article

In English grammar, the article is very important. what is article, types of articles are the focus parts? we should read deeply to learn the article. there are two types of article – definite article and indefinite article.
• A
• An
• The
what are the types of articles

there are two types of article. definite and indefinite

what is a definite article – ‘the’

उपयोग –
• निश्चित(particular) या पूर्व निर्धारित व्यक्ति या वस्तु के पहले किया जाता हैं।
• To emphasize.
Sit in car. ( incorrect)
Sit in the car. (correct)

पूरी जाति वेशेष (singular countable noun) के लिए।
Example – The cow is useful animal.

दर या माप या हिसाब के लिए।
Example – sugar is sold by the liter.

Before musical instrument
Example – I can play the flute.

Before invention
Example – The radio, the television.

Watch the television. (Incorrect)
Watch television. (Correct)

Before the ‘post’ of the person
Example – the chairman, the chief minister, the ssp, the director, etc.The inspector has gone.

Before the parts of body
Example – she caught the child by the ear.

Man has a head/ a nose.
On foot/ at hand.

Before singular countable noun(common noun) as an abstract noun
Ex – the doctor in him. The singer in Manish.

Before superlative degree
Ex – Monika is the best player of hockey.
When ‘very’ use in the meaning of ‘most’ then use ‘A’ in place of ‘the’.
That is a most useful book.

When we use ‘most’ in the form of ‘excess(अधिकांश) then don’t use ‘the’
Ex – the most bird can fly. (incorrect)
Most bird can fly. (correct)

ssc cgl english previous paper

Before comparative degree
This is the better of the two girls.
When comparative degree use as adverb
Ex- the more you get, the more want.
He is a better singer than you. (Correct)
He is the better singer than you. (Incorrect)
He is better singer than you. (Incorrect)

Before unique things/objects
Example –
• The sun.
• The earth.
• The universe.
• The equator.

Before ordinal adjectives
• The first president
• The fourth floor.
• The next train.
• The previous train.

Ex – the first chapter of this book is very easy.
We don’t use ‘the’ when we talk about ‘time’. – Monday, Tuesday, January, February, week, months, years, etc.
Ex – I met rubika last night. (Correct)
I met rubika the last night. (Incorrect)
At second. (Correct)
At the second. (Incorrect)

The + noun + most of/ half of / both of/ either of, etc.
Ex – most of the money has spent. (Correct)
Most of money has spent. (Incorrect)

Proper noun + The + adjective
Ex – Ashoka, the warrior.

The + adjective ( जाति या वर्ग )
Ex – the rich, the poor, the young, the old, etc.

Before ‘same’ in comparison
Ex – Your book is the same as mine.

Indefinite – ‘A, An’

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