one word substitution for ssc cgl

One word substitution for ssc cgl

Starting with ‘A’

  • Abdicate – To give up a throne voluntarily.
  • Abstruse – Hard to understand.
  • Accolade – An expression of praise.
  • Acquiesce – To accept something reluctantly but without protest.
  • Ascetic – A religious person with strict way of life.

Starting with ‘B’

  • Bibliotheque – A library.
  • Bigot – One who has narrow and prejudiced religious views.
  • Bisque – A rich, creamy soup made with shellfish.
  • Bluster– Loud and aggressive talk.
  • Bronco – A half trained horse.

Starting with ‘C’

  • Cascade – A waterfall flowing down a rocky hill side.
  • Centenary – Celebration of hundredth year.
  • Centennial – Related to hundredth anniversary.
  • Coercion – Use of force to make someone agree.
  • Colt – Young male horse.

Starting with ‘D’

  • Dawdle – To move in a direction slowly.
  • Debasement – Reduction in quality.
  • Delinquent – One who commit minor crime repeatedly.
  • Demagogue – A politician who rouses people’s feeling for own benefits.
  • Den – A living place for lion.



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